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Interim/Transition/Call Info

Call Committee Members:

Russ Walbert Chair, Cindy Borrell, Jim Boyer, Megan Coutts, Allen Gehringer, Shelbi Heffner

The following are the steps that have been completed:

  • The Call Committee is a self-contained unit.  
  • Call Committee will work with the Synod with support from the Council.
  • The Council has prepared a Ministry Site Profile.
  • A Synod representative was at St. Paul’s on April 19 to gather information and explain the next steps in our transition journey.
  • The Call Committee and the Congregation Council met with the Bishop and a Synod Representative on June 10 to review the Parish Study Report.
  • The committee was recently configured and has elected Russ Walbert as their chairperson.
  • The committee is in the interview process with a candidate.
  • The Call Committee recommended a candidate.
  • The financial package has been negotiated.
  • The Congregation Council has interviewed the candidate.
  • The Congregation Council voted to recommend the candidate to the congregation and has scheduled an election.
  • An informal ‘meet the pastor’ event is scheduled for Saturday evening February 18 between 6 and 8 PM.
  • The candidate will be available for a question and answer period Sunday morning, February 19 between 9:15 and 10 AM.
  • There will be just one service on February 19 at which time the candidate will lead worship.
  • A special congregation meeting will follow the single service on February 19 to vote on extending a call to the candidate.

We have a new pastor. On February 19, St. Paul’s extended a call to Pastor Thomas Lang; he accepted the call and will begin ministry with us on February 27.

Click on the link to view St. Paul's Ministry Site Profile of 2015, which is available for all prospective pastoral candidates.

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